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Gratitude Waters the Seed of Expansion Within Us

Photo Credit: Max Andrey

This community could not exist without the brilliance and heart led instruction of teachers like Julia Cameron, Betty Edwards and others. These teachers, in particular Julia, have helped us grace the world with myriad examples of what it means to be human, expressed in every medium imaginable. We are eternally grateful to them for their leadership, comprehension of the human condition and the psychological tools given to artists the world over that allow us to get out of our own way. Because of these seminal teachers, the world is a much more beautiful, intriguing place, full of the nuance artistic expression brings to our lives.

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way is a deep dive into the psyche through the pathways of the human heart. Within it, we find reverence for Creation itself. We find our own identities as Creators, made in His image. We find the psychological doorways that we step through into our personal power.

Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is brilliant in its removal of known labels which allow the human mind to see color, form, line, contrast and shadow in a whole new way.

Shadow Work has proven pivotal in getting us out of our own way. We are grateful to Carl Jung, and other pivotal pioneers of the human psyche who continue to teach us how to embody our whole selves better, knowing there is healing to be had within it.

And finally, Holy Magick, created by Deana DeHaven with the book slated for release before the end of 2022, is simply the conscious molding of energy with utmost honorable intention. Since we, along with everything else within this fifth dimensional hologram, are energy manifesting into form, constantly evolving and morphing into newer ways of being, you’ll find energy work techniques to be part and parcel of our methodologies. After all, we are all conduits constantly creating. Holy Magickians just do it more purposefully and effectively than the average person.

We welcome all teaching methods that expand our consciousness in creatively fulfilling ways. As we go along, we explore any and all that facilitate the achievement of our objectives. We share our findings and the results are simply magickal.

The wonderful thing about The Conscious Creative Collective is the rich variety you’ll find here. You’re free to feast at this virtual buffet of communal application and methodology in whatever way best sustains you. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. But every so often, dare to try something different so that you choose to expand in the most meaningful ways. You may just surprise yourself at the rich discoveries you find within yourself.

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